My Story

Once upon a time, approximately 7 years ago, I woke up and decided it was time to take my financial security into my own hands!

I went back to school for a while studying Psychology, I looked into joining my family’s business, I researched buying a franchise (My Gym), I looked into pursuing a career in real estate, and I very nearly built my own traditional business as a personal trainer.
For a little over five years, I looked, I invested, I tested, and I tried, but nothing ever felt like it was a fit for me in that moment, nothing felt compelling enough to give it more of my financial, or time investment!
I’m a motivated person, and I have a great work ethic, in fact, I know exactly what hard work looks like, smells like, tastes like, and feels like, and I know that every single sweaty drop of hard work is worth it, IF the focus of the work in the right place. Here is what I know to be true from a lifetime of International competitive gymnastics, and a 17-year long career in Cirque du Soleil;

IF the only reason you ‘work’ is for money, IF you are not passionate about what you do, IF your work doesn’t serve a bigger purpose than yourself, IF it doesn’t motivate you, IF it doesn’t challenge you to grow as a person, it will not be happy work and the unhappiness will roll over into the rest of your life.

Finally at the beginning of 2015, as a result of not settling for anything less than a career that brought excitement, I finally found the opportunity, the vehicle that I was looking for. In fact, it found me by landing right on my doorstep! Life Matters, a high integrity nutrition company that offers products I love, and an opportunity for a better tomorrow.

I love being my own boss, I love working on my own time, I love partnering with a like-minded community, and I’ve always loved living a healthy lifestyle! As a hard worker, what I love most about what I’m doing is that I get paid for the work I put into my business rather than how much somebody else believes my time and efforts are worth!

Life Matters has offered me a vehicle of financial security and now I love nothing more than to support and mentor others to reach their success. Life is here to be enjoyed, we deserve to create more fun and to let go of the overwhelm.
I am ready and waiting to link arms with you and create the lifestyle you are looking for.

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