Mel Bayol

Hi, I’m Mel,
I’m a Mother 24/7, a Cirque du Soleil performer by night, and a successful home based business owner and coach by day.

Interested in starting your own successful home based business?
As a business owner and coach, I can open the door and debunk any myths to make way for a future of possibilities by sharing with you the fundamental principles of ‘The Four Year Career.’
Written by Richard Bliss Brooke, an incredibly successful professional networker, company owner, and one of the best generic coaches in the industry, also known as SuperMLM Man,’The Four Year Career’ is an easy read, and lays out very clearly the simple, fun, and duplicatable business plan that has supported the success of many home-based businesses including my own.

What are you waiting for?
Take a look at becoming a business owner. Become your own boss and work from anywhere with the support of a team of successful mentors (including me) who will champion you every step of the way.
The only glass ceiling is your own drive, motivation, and vision!

Get started: Claim a  free book on the principles of the Four Year Career and take a look at the products that I choose to work with.

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